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Chris Carson Entertainemt Can help you plan the party YOU want with these exciting packages:

PARTY PLAN 1: Includes a Professional DJ for your party. Mixing Four Hours of Continuous Music and requests through a State-of-the-Art Sound System with a Wireless Mic.

PARTY PLAN 2: Similar to Party Plan 1 with the addition of a Party Host (second person) for parties that would like more crowd interaction. A Small Light Show & Party Props Package are included.

PARTY PLAN 3: Includes 1 DJ, 1 Party Host/MC, 2 Dancer Party Motivators an Amazing Light Show, Deluxe Party Props Package, Fog & Bubble Machines.

Party Plan 4: A Live Band and a DJ/MC so the energy never stops. An excellent pacakge if you want it all.

Question: How Much does all this Cost?

Answer: The cost is determined by the day of the week, time of the year, number of people attending your event, the location and the Party Plan options that best meet your needs. We have something that will work for you, Please call us for a no obligation price quote today at 702-252-4715.

Question: What kind of equipment will you bring to my party?

Answer: The best in the business! We Feature state-of-the-art equipment featuring JBL SR Series Speakers, Dennon CD Players, QSC Amplifers, Rane Mixers, Shure WIRELESS Microphones all incased inside a carpeted and draped DJ booth.

Question: What does all that mean?

Answer: It means we select equipment not based on the cheapest price but what will sound the best, look the best and be the most reliable and efficent.

Question: What is a "Small Light Show"?

Answer: A "MACE" Ball, "lots of lighting action around the room." 2 color balls spin around at the same time; both balls rotate around the base. Each color ball projects 15 multi-colered beams of light while they are spinning.

Question: What other kinds of lighting effects do you offer?

Answer: We have Mirror Balls, 64 & 56 Par Cans, Black Lights, Fog and Bubble Machines and Intellabeams.

Question: What are Party Props?

Answer: Party Props are Glow Neclaces, YMCA Hats, Party Hats, Miracas, Shakers, Happy hands, Whistels, Sun Glasses, Masks and more...

Any of our packages can be customized to meet the exact needs of your event. You WILL get the party YOU want with Chris Carson Entertainment. We care about your total satisfaction. Call now to tell us more about your upcoming affair without obligation (702)252-4715.