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What Kind Of Party Do You Want?

Refined? Some affairs are more relaxed. Music is the key to laying the ground work for class and Elegance. We understand that the proper mix and presentation of the music makes all the diffrence in the world.

High Energy ? Chris carson Entertainment know how to create excitement and fun at your party. We offer the best MC/Djs in the business when it comes to interacting with your guests.

Balanced? There's no law that says your party has to be either low-key or high energy. It can be something in between. In fact, the best parties are usually balanced. You will get the party you want when you call Chris Carson Entertainment, guaranteed, or your money back.


Our History.

Chris Carson Entertainment is the most requested DJ company in Las Vegas since 1984. 95% of our work comes from refferals and word of mouth. We have alot of experience at working in many of the Resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Chris Carson has been a radio personality since 1980 and worked nightly at Caesars Palace, Cleopatra's Barge.


We are fully licenced, insured and a member of the A.D.J.A.



Call The Party Professionals now and book your event!!!

(702) 252-4715